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Renewable energy quota system: the point of action should be on the demand side, which is both close

The National Energy Development Strategy Action Plan (2014-2020) clearly states that by 2020, China's proportion of non fossil fuels in primary energy consumption should reach

In 2018, the EU solar market grew by 36%, with Germany as the leading player and the Netherlands as

According to SolarPower Europe's estimation, the installed capacity of solar power grid connection in the EU in 2018 was approximately 8GW, which is higher than the 5.9GW grid connection in 2017

Black technology that significantly improves conversion efficiency after PERC!

The implementation of the target oriented project promotes the rapid progress and cost reduction of domestic photovoltaic module technology; And cheap and

Standardization of dimensions for crystalline silicon wafer batteries

A small increase in the size of silicon wafers can lead to a slight increase in the output of battery and component production lines, thereby reducing the output per watt

IHS Markit: 2019 Eight Important Trends in the Global Photovoltaic Market

Despite the uncertainty and price fluctuations in the global solar energy industry, the demand for solar photovoltaic continued in 2018

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